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Arranging services


If it's an interesting and practical arrangement you require, then look no further!
I am an extremely experienced arranger in all genres of music. Wether it be for a school group, pro musicians or a pipe band, I can provide a refreshing and appropiately targeted arrangement. My arrangements can be used again and again, and can breathe new life into an old tune.

My arrangements are the result of years spent working as a musician, amongst many other musicians and in many different situations. The arrangement will work well, with the resources you specified.

The finished job can be provided in hard copy or in any file format, including pdf, and can be emailed or sent via traditional mail.

Copyright concerns

If I am to arrange a tune or piece of music that is still in copyright and not in the public domain, then the responsibility for gaining approval to use the musical material rests solely with the client.
I will not be held responsible for any breach of copyright whilst in the employ of the client, and will endeavour to arrange the music using only that material that has been specified by the client.

There are many famous tunes and pieces of music in the public domain, and it is often possible to arrange something that does not require any sort of permission to use. On the other hand, if the client has a specific melody or lyric in mind, the copyright fee required is often quite small.