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This site is intended as the web contact for composer, arranger and performer services
from Andrew Batterham. That's basically all it's supposed to be. All content, including audio, original images, text, XHTML code, CSS style sheets, javascript, sheet music and any other files are copyright © 2007 by Andrew Batterham.

Any and all links to third party sites from this site are provided as a convenience only, and are not necessarily representative of Andrew's viewpoints. Feel free to link to individual pages of this site, but do not link directly to resources or images on this server, because that is very naughty indeed.

Audio and sheet music samples
All audio samples and sheet music demos on this site are for demonstration purposes only, unless otherwise stated. This content has been registered and copyrighted with the relevant representative organisations. Any use of this content is a violation of copyright, and that's also very naughty. The only exception to this is the press kit content, which can be freely downloaded and used for the sole purposes of educational material, concert programs and media publication. That isn't naughty at all.