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Homeland - Van Emmerik, Baker
Potenza, USA
Caprice for euphonium and piano

Midnight Songs - Ensemble Three
Tall Poppies
Organica for trumpet, trombone and guitar

Australian Portrait - Duke, Howie
Cala Records, UK
Duke's Crusade for alto sax and piano

Sing to the Lord - Choir of Scot's Church
Move Records
Three Psalms for SATB choir and organ

Scallywag - Daryl MacKenzie Jazz Orch.
How To Win The Rat Race

Love walked in - the Earthmen
Warner Records
Horn section arrangements

Journey - Pope, Perisonotto
Suite for trumpet and organ

Mosaics - Melbourne Composer's League
Drum and Bass for bass clarinet and drums

Nadie Como Tu - Cacique latin band
Mabuhay Records
Arrangements and trumpet credits

Music for Spaceports - PSX
Trumpet credits

Facts of Life - Skeeta
Soundvault Records
Songwriting, guitar, keyboards and trumpet