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Portfolio - Audio samples

In most cases these audio samples represent an extract of the complete track, but may take
a moment to load. They are for perusal only, and are not to be downloaded.

Educational music

Funk chart for Daryl MacKenzie Jazz Orchestra. Also performed by James Morrison, even Blackburn High School using DJ turntables. Available from Future Music and viewable on the sheet music page
Trombone and orchestra (or piano) feature, commissioned by Blackburn High School for Kieran Conrau. A look back in time at knights in shining armour, beautiful princesses and sword fights.

Commercial music

An athlete's anthem. Here sung by Belinda Alchin with sampled orchestra backing. Also viewable on the sheet music page
Melbourne Latin band Cacique's recording of the classic song, with horn arrangements by Andrew Batterham
Jogging track for Run 2 Rhythm website, where users can download music for their iPods and go for a run. Tracks designed to suit specific BPM related to types of jog or run
Another track for Run 2 Rhythm. Features big sampled orchestra sounds with a driving beat
Dance track based on the chimes of Big Ben. Lots of bell like sounds and tingling noises throughout
In-house corporate video news desk soundtrack, for the P&O company's transport division
Beat oriented track with world music influences, exploring many different cultures and instruments. Collage of live audio, sampled instruments and keyboards
Short beat orchestra track. Part of an online stock music collection, a dark orchestral sound that could suit just about anything
Also designed for use in an online stock music website. Sampled orchestra in a convenient short package

Art music

The result of a Symphony Australia commission for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Combines contemporary styles with house music. Also viewable on the sheet music page
Winner of the Corbould Composition Prize, premiered by the Queensland Philharmonic. A native Australian tale retold using a symphony orchestra. Here performed by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Setting of psalm 117 for the Scot's Church choir under Douglas Lawrence